Long Live Chantal's Concierge

To everything turn, turn, turn.

Chantal's Concierge was quite a ride. I was able to meet and help so many people. Then COVID showed up and we were locked down in our secure bubble in the middle of the pacific. While we were safe, tourism suffered a devastating blow.

My business, Chantal's Concierge, was 100% reliant on you, the tourist. I loved helping tourists find accommodations, book shows and just help everyone get around the island.

In the fall of 2022, I realized that while the tourism industry in the Cook Islands was rebounding, it wasn't like it was prior to 2020. I had previously laid off staff and I wasn't able to build the business up like it was in the "good old days." A change had to happen.

The change was Chantal's Discount Card. I moved into a purely digital space. But the name didn't truly reflect the product and direction I was moving in. Change is hard but it's something that happens in order to grow. Even plants outgrow their pots.

So I made the decision in June of 2023 to sunset Chantal's Concierge (long live Chantal's Concierge) and officially become Raro Pass.

Don't worry. I'm still the same Chantal. You'll still find me in my office right next to the Fruits of Rarotonga recording the Kia Orana Podcast and providing snorkels and masks to all of you who want to snorkel right across the street. Stop by and say hello. Just be forewarned I'll ask you if you have your Raro Pass first. :)

Thank you for all of the years of support!
Chantal TD Napa

Chantal Napa