Frequently Asked Questions about Raro Pass

We understand that Raro Pass can be a new thing for you. That's why we wanted to break down how it works and more.

Let's Start with the basics: What exactly is Raro Pass?

Raro Pass is a digital pass that lives on your phone. It's your gateway to discounts all around Rarotonga (and coming soon, Aitutaki). Purchase Raro Pass for one low price (one pass per person).

After you purchase Raro Pass, you'll install it into your digital wallet.

From there, all you have to do is show your pass on your phone to any of our approved vendors to receive a discount at their place of business.

Each discount is per person. One pass doesn't extend the discounts to your entire group. Everyone in your party will need to have a Raro Pass.

Does everyone in my group need a Raro Pass?

Yes. The Raro Pass discounts are per pass holder. Everyone in your group will need to have their own Raro Pass for everyone to receive the advertised discount. The good news is one person in your group can store multiple or all of the passes on one device.

Can I put more then one pass in my phone?

Yes. That's the best part of Raro Pass. You can put all or just some of the passes in your digital wallet. Simply download some or all of them to your phone.

So how much can I save with this pass?

Within a week, you can easily save $50-$100, if not more. From massages, to dining, to fishing charters, the savings really do start to add up.

How does Raro Pass work?

After purchasing Raro Pass, simply download it to your phone's digital wallet (Google or Apple). After that, simply show Raro Pass to the participating business. It's that easy. If you don't have the Wallet installed, you can download either one, for iPhone or Android, below.

Download the Google Wallet (for free) here.
Download the Apple Wallet (for free) here.

Should I buy Raro Pass in advance of my holiday to Rarotonga?

Yes. That way when you land you already have your Raro Pass.

Can my Raro Pass be used more than once with a business during my stay?

Yes! Get all the coffee, juice and other discounts that you can.

Can I book an activity in advance with a Raro Pass?

Yes. Contact the business directly to receive the discount. You may be asked to provide proof beforehand (a screen shot suffices) and that you will arrive to the activity with your Raro Pass on you. Please note that some businesses require that you pay in cash in order to receive the discount.

Is the Raro Pass offer available in conjunction with another discount/booking engine offer?

The Raro Pass offer is for direct bookings with the business. If otherwise, this will be at the business listing's discretion.

7 Days, 14 Days, 30 days, or 3 months

Staying for only a short period of time or living in Raro? We've got the card for you. Staying a bit longer or live on Raro? We've got that covered. We wanted the card to be accessible for everyone in Rarotonga.

Do you offer refunds?

Please note that there are no refunds for Raro Pass. By downloading, you acknowledge that you are able to download Raro Pass to your mobile device successfully. We unfortunately can't provide technical support to your personal device.