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Storytellers Merchandise

About Storytellers Merchandise

All merchandise is available for viewing and collection when you come on tour with us in beautiful Rarotonga, including t-shirts and hats.

Storytellers Booklets

A series of booklets available in hard copy, full colour. These booklets are each based on a particular topic that is often of interest to those visiting Rarotonga. They each provide basic overviews with photographs. Informational and educational: a great ‘go-to’ quick guide. Also, the ‘churches’ and ‘Places of historical and cultural significance’ booklets can be used as guide books - just follow the directions for each entry!

  • Food Crops of Rarotonga
  • Flowers of Rarotonga
  • Churches of Rarotonga
  • Ornamental Trees of Rarotonga
  • Food Trees of Rarotonga
  • Places of Historical and Cultural Significance in Rarotonga

Guide Book: Places of Historical and Cultural Significance in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. A guide for the curious adventurer.

Picture-perfect images of enticing tropical lagoons, and coconut palm-rimmed beaches, set against a rugged and majestic mountainous backdrop: an understandably huge drawcard for visitors to Rarotonga! What many travellers to these shores are unaware of are the fascinating and at times conflicting or controversial stories, about various landmarks around the island. This guide will tell you about:

  • Why people were urged by the early forebearers of Christianity to move from their inland homes in the mountains and valleys to the coast;
  • Significant marae where chiefly titles were invested and offerings made to the many deities;
  • The intriguing stories of tupapaku (ghost / spirits);
  • The story behind the ‘curse’ of the never-completed ‘Sheraton Hotel’; and so much more.

This is the ultimate guide to uncovering some of Rarotonga’s historical and culturally significant sites and stories. Explore the island following the simple directions and location information provided in this book, while learning about the fascinating history of this small island paradise.