The Spa at Raela Villas

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The Spa at Raela Villas

About The Spa at Raela Villas

The ultimate package to relax your mind and body.

Starting off with full-body exfoliation, to remove dead skin cells. Followed by a body wrap to nourish your skin, full body massage to ease down muscle tension and concentrating deep into your muscle tissues. Topped off with a refreshing facial to relax your facial muscles and a soothing head massage.

Raela Spa - Refresh Spa Treatment

Scrub away the everyday and relax into your holiday. Starting off with full-body exfoliation for 1 hour followed by a 30 minute deep tissue massage. You’ll feel like a new you.

Manea Package - Indulgent Spa Treatment

Our two most popular treatments in one. First, we begin with a massage that focuses on your back and shoulders to release all that tension. Secondly a revitalising and indulgent facial for that real Raro glow.

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