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Ride Rarotonga

About Ride Rarotonga

We Are THE Bicycle Rental Place On Rarotonga.

We’re a local island company, and we’re all about making life easier for you when you rent a bicycle. That’s why we provide not only the best rental bikes on Rarotonga, but also offer services like delivery, pick up and road side assistance for all our riders.

Twelve years back, Ride Rarotonga rolled into existence to fill a real gap for bikers on the island. People needed a reliable spot for fixing their bikes, renting a ride, or grabbing a new one. Since then, we’ve grown from just one person to a solid team of four, with a bit of extra help on those crazy busy days. Here at Ride, we’re not just about bikes; we’re about creating a community where every cycling need is met, and every face is greeted with a genuine smile. Time flies, but our commitment to keeping your wheels turning and spirits high remains as strong as ever.