Rarotonga Turtle Tours

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Rarotonga Turtle Tours

About Rarotonga Turtle Tours

We deliver safe, high quality tours. Explore alongside our experienced team while we capture your natural keepsakes as well as soaking up some local knowledge about our beautiful island, the environment, turtles and other marine life.

We can also be found on Saturday mornings at Punanga Nui to book in-person.

Private Turtle & Eagle Ray Tours

Dive into a personal snorkeling adventure tailored for families, couples, and groups of friends.

Our private tours ensure an intimate experience away from the crowds.

Ideal for those new to swimming or snorkeling.

Turtle & Eagle Ray Tour

Join us for an epic underwater adventure in the Avaavaroa passage and swim with turtles, if conditions permit, you may also witness the stunning Eagle Rays.

Papua Dive

Papua Passage is a must do for experienced snorkelers & divers.

Free Dive with your professional certified guide/photographer who will lead you through a natural underwater cave and witness the stunning beauty of Papua whilst still getting the chance to see Green Sea Turtles.

Photo Shoot

Experience a fun and professional photoshoot with nature as your stunning backdrop in beautiful Rarotonga.

Whether you choose the serene beach or immerse yourself among the trees, let's capture your moments in the heart of paradise.